We feel strongly that when research is skillfully integrated into the design process, it can contribute significantly to the success and durability of an overall brand.

Whether the question is one of concept, "What should a new product or service be like?" or one of evaluation, "Which package design will be most effective in the marketplace?" Sutton Associates has the experience to research these marketing issues. We employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques to help clients explore an idea, develop a concept, and evaluate alternatives. Our research strategically helps clients to refine concepts, enhance design, or gain consumer insights into product features and benefits.

Sutton Associates draws upon a variety of research procedures to accurately isolate and evaluate the imagery communication elements of a brand or graphic design.

Working closely with the client and the design team, we mutually agree upon the key imagery attributes which must successfully be projected to clearly and effectively position the product or company to the target audience. Utilizing semantic differential-type scales to reflect each attribute, consumers are asked to evaluate the brand or company's image. This procedure enables us to measure both the direction and the intensity of the attitude expressed by consumers.

Importantly, by measuring corporate/brand imagery in the absence of any stimuli, we are able to isolate the strengths and potential weaknesses of existing and/or new design(s) in relation to the corporate or brand imagery.

While branding programs vary in scope and objectives, our experience strongly suggests that in a majority of cases, introducing research at critical points helps to ensure that design solutions will achieve optimum impact and effectiveness in the marketplace. We therefore, place a premium on creative problem solving and on developing cost-effective research that is thoroughly responsive to the individual client's needs.